Our church is affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, affirms the Baptist Faith and Message of 1963, and provides worship and leadership opportunities that include all congregants, regardless of age, gender or race.

Our History

First Baptist Church is the oldest established church in  High Point, dating back to its founding in Jamestown in 1825. The church was created by a band of 25 pioneer members who had a heart for missions ,and thus, began the long standing love for missions that is a hallmark of our church.  In 1859 the City of High Point was being established along the path of the new North Carolina Railroad and the church moved to its present location the following year.

In 1979 there was a strong affirmation by the church family that God wanted us to remain a downtown church, and now our mission is to be a catalyst for transforming our city.

Many changes have been made to the facilities through the years. The current sanctuary was built  in 1941 and the recreation ministries center was built in 1991.

In 2000 we voted to sever ties with the Southern Baptist Convention while maintaining our relationship with the North Carolina Baptist State Convention. We are affiliated nationally with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, a fellowship of thousands of Baptist churches who celebrate and value historic Baptist principles.

In 2001 the church embarked on its largest building project ever.  It resulted in the creation of a youth center, expanded fitness center, children’s playground, and complete renovation of the sanctuary, 1929 wing, and children’s wing.

Today First Baptist Church is known for its dynamic presence within the city and for its bold commitment to the future.


We are a fellowship of Baptist Christians and churches who share a passion for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ and a commitment to Baptist principles of faith and practice.


Our mission is to serve others as they discover and fulfill their God-given mission.


Our vision is being the presence of Christ in the world. Our Vision Statement is: Living the Gospel:  Everyday, Everywhere, to Everyone.

CBFNC Values

In addition to our commitment to Baptist principles, we honor these values:


We embrace the Christian community we share beyond our local congregations  and come together frequently for worship, education, fellowship and service.


Missional Focus

We exist to participate in the mission of God in the world rather than to perpetuate organizational structures. We believe God has a call for each Christian, each congregation and each ministry agency. We help in the discerning, equipping and implementing of that call.


Collaborative Partnerships

We respect the calling and passions of other Christians (individuals, congregations, organizations and institutions) and commit to minister with them as mutual partners, actively working together to pursue a common mission.



We enlist servant-leaders from local churches who guide us in understanding the needs of their congregations and communities. We seek leaders who reflect the multi-faced make-up of our fellowship.


We aim to be adaptable, responsive and relevant so that we may act quickly and effectively as new needs and ministry opportunities arise.


Spiritual Formation

We draw upon the breadth and depth of the whole Christian tradition to undergird our common life and ministry. Our life together is shaped through the practice of prayer and other spiritual disciplines.


Christian Education

We are committed to Christian higher education and lifelong learning to equip  all baptized believers for mission and ministry. We also support equipping persons called by God  to vocational ministry through quality theological education.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina