Colors for Cancer

October 13, 2016
Sunday, October 23 2016

Join us on Sunday, October 23 during the 11:00 hour as we will be remembering and praying for all who have been and are currently affected by cancer, those we have lost, and those currently battling this awful disease. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so you may choose to wear pink or you may choose to wear the color to support any cancer of your choice.

Here is a list of which color represents which cancer: All Cancers, Lavender; Bladder Cancer, Yellow; Brain Cancer, Grey; Breast Cancer, Pink; Cervical Cancer, Teal and White; Childhood Cancer, Gold; Colon Cancer, Dark Blue; Esophageal Cancer, Periwinkle; Eye Cancer, Green; Head and Neck Cancer, Burgundy and White; Kidney Cancer, Orange; Leiomyosarcoma, Purple; Leukemia, Orange; Liver Cancer, Emerald; Lung Cancers, White; Lymphoma, Lime; Melanoma, Black; Mesothelioma, Royal Blue; Multiple Myeloma, Burgundy; Ovarian Cancer, Teal; Pancreatic Cancer, Purple; Prostate Cancer, Light Blue; Sarcoma/Bone Cancer, Yellow; Stomach Cancer, Periwinkle; Testicular Cancer, Orchid; Thyroid Cancer, Teal, Blue, and Pink; Uterine Cancer, Peach; and Honors Caregivers, Plum.

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