Pine Needle Sale

March 9, 2017
Our Pine Needle Sale Has Concluded
Longleaf Pine Needle Sale | March-April-May | Pick-Up & Delivery

Our Longleaf Pine Needle Sale has returned for 2017. All proceeds will go to support our summer missions. Our Pine Needles are longleaf, with a nice golden-brown color, free of debris, and a South Carolina origin. Our Pine Needles are the best in town, and for a good cause! You will not be disappointed.

Pricing and Forms of Payment:

Pick-up: $5.50 per bale     Delivery: $6.00 per bale

For 100 bales or more deduct $.25 per bale from the above prices.

Cash, check, or credit/debit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover) accepted at time of pick-up or delivery. Please make checks payable to: First Baptist Church (Memo: Summer Missions).

Delivery (20 bale minimum):

Deliveries are scheduled as needed. To schedule a delivery please call 336-881-6497 or fill out the electronic form at the bottom. You do not have to be present for delivery. If you will not be present at time of delivery we ask that you write us a check and leave it in a designated area at your home or leave with a neighbor. You can also prepay over the phone with a card or download the order form below to fill out and mail with your form of payment.

Downloadable Pine Needle Order Form


Pick-up is available Monday-Friday 9am to 5 pm. Scheduled pick-ups may be made upon request. Please call in advance at 336-881-6497 for pickup. 


Please call us at 336-881-6497.

Online Order Form

Prices: Delivery (20 bale minimum): $6.00/Bale     Pickup (no minimum): $5.50/Bale
For 100 bales or more you may deduct $.25 cents per bale from the above prices.
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