Pressing Forward

July 28, 2016
Wednesday, July 27

Sometimes ministry is like hopscotch. You jump from one square to the next, rolling the dice to see where you will end up, and on how many feet. My ministerial career has felt like this at times. Three years in Divinity school - one jump: ordination – the next square: Chaplain Residency - another hop. I will soon be in a hopscotch position with my feet in two squares.

After much discernment, prayer and encouragement I have accepted a position as the Pastoral Resident at First Baptist Church Greensboro in partnership with Peacehaven Community Farm. It is an incredible opportunity, and I believe that this is where God has called me on the next step of the journey. In January, I began an intentional discernment process to determine where God was leading me after my Chaplaincy Residency ended at the end of August. In addition to my own prayer life, I consulted several mentors and friends including Jack Causey, Joel Campbell, Bill Leonard, Beth Kennett, Bill Wilson and Amy Russell (among many more). Hours over cups of coffee, resumé edits, and the prayer rail led me to a call that felt simultaneously fresh and familiar. A call to serve in a congregation, eventually as a Senior Minister.

After a few months, I landed in Greensboro. The interview process was extensive, but affirming. Like good Baptists, they needed to bring it before the quarterly church conference. So, I needed to wait until now to share it with the people I love, and the congregation I call home. At the end of August, Michael and I will move to an apartment right next to the church. Michael will commute to High Point and continue to serve as the Minister to Students and Media.

For my position, part of my time will be working in the church, with their various ministries. Another part of my time will be working at Peacehaven Community Farm, a sustainable farm where persons with special needs live and work in community. In some ways, I will be serving two congregations, one below a steeple, and one in the sunshine.

I have much to learn from this new position, but I am excited for the possibilities to continue to grow into the minister that God has called me to be.

Sometimes ministry isn’t like hopscotch. It is not linear, and there aren’t really boxes to guide you. So, I request that you will continue to pray for Michael and me, that God will give us courage on this new step in our journey, and give clarity to us as the Spirit continues to move in our lives.

For more information on Peacehaven Community Farm, visit

For more information about FBC Greensboro’s Residency Program, click here.

-Courtney Stamey-

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