Day 13 - March 18

Psalm 105

“O give thanks to the Lord, call on his name, make known his deeds among the peoples.”

This Psalm is a psalm of thanksgiving, in which the author is recounting the journey of the Hebrew people over the generations. This psalm shows us that gratitude and remembrance are intricately related. The Hebrew people shared their stories orally, creating a communal memory of God’s presence that carried them through difficult times. When they would begin to forget about all of the events that God carried them through, someone would come along to help them remember. Often, this was the role of the prophet: to point them back to who they were and who God was. Their communal memory fed their gratitude, but their communal forgetfulness fed their complaining. Remember when the Hebrew people were in the wilderness complaining about having little to eat? They forgot as a community all that God had done. They needed to be reminded of the ways God had carried their community through good and difficult times. As we continue this journey of Lent focused on gratitude, it is important to reflect on how communal memory feeds our gratitude. How does forgetfulness of God’s actions in your own life make you more likely to complain? How can you contribute to the communal memory that reflects with gratitude? What has God done for you and for this community of pilgrims at FBC High Point?