Day 23 - March 28

Joshua 4:1-13

“So these stones shall be to the Israelites a memorial forever.”

In this interesting story, the Hebrew people are on the move to the promised land with the ark of the covenant. The ark of the covenant, for the Hebrew people, contained the presence of God on earth. They would eventually place it in the middle of the Temple in Jerusalem (the Holy of Holies). In this portion of scripture, God tells Joshua to command the people to pick up twelve stones from the Jordan river and carry them with them to the other side. They were to set them up as a memorial to their journey so that their children would eventually ask them the meaning of the stones. It was then that the Hebrews would tell the stories of God liberating them from Egypt and leading them through the wilderness, providing for them along the way. These stones were to be stones of remembrance, eben ezers, that would remind the Hebrew people and the generations that followed to be grateful for God’s presence and guidance along the journey. What are the stones of remembrance in your own life? Maybe they aren’t stones, but a family Bible or even photos of an experience. How do those objects stir gratitude in you? How do you pass those stories on to others? We learn from the Hebrew people that our gratitude for experiences will shine through in the way we retell those experiences. How are you retelling your significant life experiences with gratitude?