Day 28 - April 2

Leviticus 25:1-19

“The land will yield its fruit, and you will eat your fill and live on it securely.”

In this passage from the book of Leviticus, we receive deeper instructions about sabbath, particularly about the sabbatical year and the Jubilee year. Both the sabbatical year and the Jubilee years are created to help the Jews understand the pattern of creation; God’s creation—including land and humans—was never intended to constantly be producing. God sets forth a 6 and 1 pattern at the beginning of creation that is to be followed on the macro and micro scale. We are to follow the 6 and 1 pattern with regard to how we set up our days and even our years (sabbatical year is the 7th year). This 6 and 1 pattern is an opportunity for us to show our gratitude for the gifts we have been given that help sustain us. Sabbath is not intended to simply be a time to “Netflix and chill,” or watch ball games. Sabbath is a time to intentionally reflect with gratitude on the bounty we’ve been provided. It is a time to reconnect with God. And it is a way to  reconnect with those around us who we’ve overlooked throughout the week. As you reflect on the rhythm of rest, modeled for us throughout the Old Testament, how do you incorporate a rhythm of rest or sabbath into your own life?