Day 31 - April 5

Psalm 126

“When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed.” 

In this reading from Psalm 126, we find a song praising God for bringing the exiles back from Babylon. Remember, they had been displaced over and over by conquering nations in order to prevent uprisings. Can you imagine what restoration felt like to people who had spent so long away from the place they called home? Let us pause today to reflect on the idea of restoration. The exiles were restored the identity they longed to have once again. Their sense of home was restored. Their sense of purpose was restored. Previously, this could only be dreamed about. But now, their dreams were coming to reality and it was better than they could have imagined. Sometimes our lives need restoration. We need restoration to refocus on our goals, our hopes, and our dreams. When restoration happens, gratitude abounds because dreams become reality. Reflect today on what is being restored in you during this Lenten season.