Day 36 - April 10

Luke 18:31-34

"But they understood nothing about all these things; in fact, what he said was hidden from them, and they did not grasp what was said.”

Jesus shared what his fate would be over and over again with his disciples. However, they never could grasp what he was saying. The disciples had other ideas in their minds as to how Jesus’ ministry was going to go. They could not fathom that the Messiah could possibly face the type of end that Jesus continued to talk about. For them, the Messiah would be a warrior king, delivering Israel from violence by defeating all of its enemies. Instead, they got a Messiah who would serve others and include the excluded. In doing this, Jesus challenged the status quo and gained followers, which frightened those in power. Jesus’ end in suffering on the cross was the natural conclusion to the message he preached and the life he lived. But the disciples never saw it coming, despite Jesus’ warnings. Why do you think they couldn’t see it coming? Was it perhaps that their idea of Jesus’ ministry was clouding their vision? How do our ideas about who someone should be cloud our vision for who they actually are? Often, when we find ourselves complaining about someone or a situation, it is because we are beginning to recognize the difference between the “should” and the reality. Reflect today on how to incorporate gratitude for people as they are and how that will impact your relationships.