Day 39 - April 13

Luke 22:7-13

“He will show you a large room upstairs, already furnished. Make preparations for us there.”

Can you imagine being the man who the disciples approached to help in the Passover celebration? In this Scripture, Jesus instructs the disciples to go find a place to celebrate the Passover meal. The man willingly opened his home to Jesus and his disciples, probably also supplying them with the food and drinks to complete their celebrations. As we draw closer to the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem, we must reflect on how we are welcoming Jesus into the homes of our souls. We may claim to welcome him, but do our actions reflect it? Do our words reflect our desire to welcome him and make space for him? Complaints close the door on welcome and hospitality. It is vital to our transformation that our words and actions express our desires and thoughts. How are you welcoming Christ today?